• First Day of Weaning Ava

    Our baby Ava has taken like a fish to water with regards to solids. She definitely gets that from my side of the family – we come from a long line of bakers, pasta makers, and tomato sauce connoisseurs.

    Our first foray into food begins with her milk mixed with organic (gluten free – free of everything – this stuff might as well be air!) baby rice. I had the gut feeling (no pun intended) that this baby girl (whilst petit and fine boned ) was absolutely ready to start eating some solids. She started waking up at 3am, then it was 2am, then it was 4:55am, and pretty much eating her hand off! She also let out the biggest squeals you have ever heard whilst our son Jack was chowing down on breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    You can see the photo attached. Ava didn’t quite know what to make of this watery rice-milk mixture at first… she made a face I had never seen her make before! This was going to either go the way of her spitting the whole lot back at me, or her trying the second spoonful and then kicking and squealing with happiness! “Score” I said – we got a smile and kick with the second mouthful. Then her hand swung around like a prize fighter trying to grab the spoon and take charge of the feeding herself: “Mom you are feeding me too slowly” is the impression she quickly got across. So, I added a bit more rice, thickened the mixture up, and we were off to the races.

     Pretty successful I would say. What would the days ahead bring? Would this baby be my poster child of eating for Homemade Foods?!!!! Just kidding!

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