• The Launch of Homemade Foods

    Homemade Foods has been my baby food company in the making for about three and a half years now. Research on food, nutrition, building out a factory in a language I don’t speak, and development of said food premisis has taken quite a bit of time. In the meantime I have raised a handsome little boy and had a baby girl. It just so happens that the timing of our baby Ava’s weaning precedes this kitchen opening for business by about a month.

    So here, I can give you a real-time account of baby Ava’s weaning (there is no science to this – I believe it is all trial and error and what suits your family best). So that of course brings us to her first day of weaning! Wow time does fly – I still haven’t forgotten the memories of actually having her and those initial sleepless weeks until you feel like the fog parts, and life starts to get back to your version of “normal!”

     Picture here of my gorgeous family!

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