• Day 4 of Weaning

    Time to try some “real food.” But first – I have to talk about me! Since today is a public holiday, I decided to make a batch of pear puree and carrot puree from home instead of in my state-of-the-art industrial baby food kitchen. This reminded me exactly how long it takes to make a batch of baby food at home – I am talking about just one type of the most simple puree you could make.

    Let’s get started – first, I had to sanitize every single countertop and every piece of kitchen equipment and utensil that I planned on using. I make odd things in my kitchen – most notably I used the blender to blend up dried chilis to make homemade pork tacos last night. I obviously couldn’t risk any residual chili getting near our precious Ava’a first taste of real food. So, I would say it took me a good 30 minutes to soapy soak the blender for baby food use, and sterilize the rest of things, and I still hadn’t cooked anything. Ahhh the joys of making baby food at home.

    Next, we were onto food handling. I sanitized my fruit thoroughly, peeled it, cored it, and cut it into equal sized pieces. In it went into the pot with a touch of cooled boiled water, and that was another 10 minutes down the drain whilst Ava kicked in her bouncy chair behind me making odd stork like noises.  Meanwhile our son was calling from upstairs “Mommy can you please come play trains.” Ahhh the time pressure. So I finished the pear puree, let it cool down, did the washing up and then blended the pear, which I note went flying all around my kitchen - I made a 4 pear batch (which means the saucepan barely has an inch of food in it before blended - so my at home hand blender took it upon itself to fling the rather small batch all over the kitchen - giving me minute burns in the process.  I made a carrot puree somewhere in there too. And that took me a good hour…. An hour I could have spent playing with Ava and Jack or getting on with my list of a million other things I needed to do.

    Then came the 2 minutes in which Ava hoovered down her freshly made pear puree. First I mixed it with some baby rice and milk just to deliver on the same texture she had had the days before. Maybe this is my OCD nature. But she LOVED it! Sale! Then after a few spoonfuls, I cut out the familiar rice and went straight on to only pear puree (served at room temperature).  All was a hit, and she is a remarkably tidy eater!

    Note - she doesn't like having her face wiped, but prefers being blotted with a cloth!!! Girls :)  


    Some tips for your own Weaning if you like my style:

    We recommend trying the Smooth & Simple single ingredient purees to start – make sure your child is tolerant of all of the ingredients – if weaning at 6 months, move thru one new ingredient each day - quickly

    If you weaned before 6 months, you can take your time on the single ingredient purees. A 6 months baby’s lose the iron store they got from mom, so if your child is 6 months old you must move on quickly to foods with iron in them.

    Once single tastes are established – start mixing the purees together. For instance buy a pot of sweet potato, carrots and apples. You can feed your child single ingredient purees, or mix the 3 together for a different flavor. If your child likes a thicker consistency, try mixing in some baby rice or millet, or even some broth like chicken, beef, pork or fish broth (we sell cubes of this too!).

    Happy feeding from my family to yours!

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